Our Home


Our home is in Cary, North Carolina.

Unfortunately, as we began our house search we realized that a lot of homes are crowded together where we wanted to buy a house, to allow for the huge growth that North Carolina is currently experiencing. That meant smaller yards, neighbors on top of neighbors, along with homeowner’s associations, which we weren’t fans of.

Luckily, we found a house with a “good size” yard – almost 1/4 acre, and a very inexpensive homeowner’s association. On top of that, the neighbors are all pretty nice based on the ones we’ve met.

Our home was built in 1990, so it’s got a few things that could use some work. When we first moved in, all the rooms were dark browns and grays. We changed that immediately. All the colors are much lighter, brighter colors now, so the light from the sun better fills the space.

There’s a bunch more projects that we want to take on, and we will as we get the time and money to do it. We’re keeping track of the work we do to the house on this blog, so you can follow along and see what changes and alterations we make to the house.

Until then, you can see what our house looked like the day we decided we wanted it, and soon we’ll have a post that shows what it looks like now.