2 Years at Twilight

Well, it’s about that time again – I know ya’ll are eagerly awaiting a re-cap of our second year in our first home. In case you missed it, here’s what we accomplished in the first year, along with our goals for this past year. We had five major house goals for this year and we accomplished three – that’s not too bad if you ask me, especially considering one included a complete remodel of one of the main rooms in our home – the kitchen!

This year we:

Finished removing the popcorn ceilings

Seeded/composted our backyard to grow grass

Completely updated the kitchen (including flooring, cabinets, countertop and appliances)

Updated my craft room (this wasn’t one of our original goals, but Scott surprised me with new cabinets for my craft room, so we’ve since installed the cabinetry, desktop, new balcony door and flooring)

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to re-side the house or update either of the bathrooms, as we had hoped to do. I suppose time and money got the best of us. We plan to re-side the house next Spring, and get working on the bathrooms this fall, but first, we want to finish all the minor items on our check list. Since completing the kitchen, we seemed to have run out of steam… we would still like to install crown moulding throughout the house and finish the trim in the craft room. A year from now, hopefully we’ve accomplished the following:

- Install crown  moulding throughout the house

- Finish trim work

- Re-side the house

- Update both bathrooms

- Weed and landscape the right side of our front stairway area

It’s certainly been another productive year for us, and we have a lot to look forward to this coming year!

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