Kitchen Renovation, Part 1

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally made it to our kitchen renovation. We’ve been planning this since basically the day we bought our house, and it’s the biggest undertaking we’ve gone through […]


New Floors!

As we get closer and closer to the kitchen remodel, we’ve started working on smaller projects leading up to the main remodel. To start, we finished removing popcorn ceilings, getting rid of all the popcorn […]


Ashley’s Christmas Surprise

Well, it’s been another long gap since our last post. After our last post, I was just getting ready to start on this project, but I couldn’t post it until after Christmas since it was […]


Starting Our Yard

Wow! It’s been a long time since we posted last…but it’s taken some time to get our yard in order. When we moved here, our real estate agent told us that we’d never have grass […]


Removing Our Popcorn Ceilings

As Ashley mentioned in our one-year update, we have begun removing the popcorn ceilings, and smoothing them out. After I finished building the bed, I was trying to come up with a project that took […]


365 Days

If you couldn’t guess from the title, it’s been one whole year since we first moved into our house at 105 Twilight Ct. I remember it like it was yesterday… As soon as we closed […]


Surprise King Bed

With our anniversary coming up at the end of May, I decided I wanted to get Ashley a king size bed. We’d been talking about it for a while, especially since our mattress was getting […]


Outdoor Living

I was looking through Pinterest, as I do on occasion, and came across this cute, simple DIY bench for our backyard. There was already a bench out there, but it was a makeshift one made […]


Updating Our Living Room (Part 3)

Having learned a lot from our first cabinet, the second one went in much quicker! In our last post about our living room update, we had just finished one side of the fireplace with cabinets. […]


Updating Our Living Room (Part 2)

Wow! It’s been a while since our last post, but there was a lot that we had to finish this time around. In our last post, we left off after we finished mounting our TV […]